1/1 The Easy Way

This first day of the year is still just another day — 24 hours long. Avoid the mania of New Year’s resolutions, and choose one small step towards a goal. Choose action over promises.

Action is satisfying. Promises are pressure. This year, you can choose to stay in each day, moment by moment. One day at a time, one moment at a time, one action at a time.

Action: Look at long-range goals, and then take a positive action towards one of those goals. If you plan to lose weight, sit down and write a plan for how you will get through a typical day. If you vow to be more spiritual this year, write down the actions that this requires (for example, using an exercise from this book each morning before breakfast). Be as specific as possible. Vague ideas produce elusive results. Specific steps are easier to follow.

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